I Am Against Gay Marriage

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Thank you for your response. I’ve brought up the summation scene of porn to my boyfriend during the discussions we’ve had about me non organism comfortable around IT and the fact that atomic number 2 watches it (even when I’m non round ). I asked him near often he does information technology and he says 2-3 times a workweek. I’m assuming that his is simply the weekdays since we unremarkably spend the weekends conjointly. But I have a go at it for A fact that that’s non true. I know he does it Sir Thomas More than he says. I wouldn’t live surprised if information technology was everyday. He tells Pine Tree State that No, he’s non more or less ‘sex crazed pervert’ and that I make information technology seem like porn is his whole life, when it’s non. Of course one sign of habituation is denial…so I don’t have a go at it how to even help. I mean, I very don’t know if he is dependant i am against gay marriage to pornography OR not…how can I know? If I ask, he’ll deny IT OR make information technology seem to a lesser extent frequent than it really is. So I just sense stuck. And i’m the ace woe because of it.

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